Torso and head of Neferefre

Torso and head of Neferefre.
Source: Verner, Abusir, p. 127.

The upper part of a small statue of Neferefre was found at his mortuary temple in Abusir. The head, torso and the upper parts of both arms have been preserved. From the position of the arms, it is clear that this statue represented the king while seated on a throne. Both arms would have been resting on his knees, one hand perhaps clutched in a fist and holding a piece of cloth!

The king wears the Nemes headdress,  an indication of his royal status. A false beard not only confirms his royalty, but also gives additional support to the statue’s head.

The fragment is 23.8 cm high, approximately half the height of the complete statue, which would have been between 45 and 50 cm high.

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