Fragments of a triad group


A head with White Crown was found in the Valley Temple of the funerary complex of Mykerinos. Despite the fact that it has suffered some damage to the nose and chin, its archaeological context confirms that this head indeed belonged to a statue of Mykerinos.

Head fragment of a triad group.

Head fragment of a triad group, with the body of the group to the right.
Source: Ziegler, L'art égyptient, pp. 229-230.

Body fragment of a triad group.

In view of the dimensions and the materials used, this head is believed to have belonged to a triad-statue, pieces of which have also been found in the Valley Temple. In this triad, the king is flanked by a woman, most likely the goddess Hathor, to his right, and a male figure to his left. The male figure probably is a personified province of Egypt. Other triads of Mykerinos indeed showed him in the company of Hathor and a personification of a province. This fragment is 80 cm high.The statue was made of schist. The facial traits are very similar to other statues representing Mykerinos: the eyes are well pronounced, the mouth is firm and the cheeks are prominent. The shape of the White Crown is very similar to the crowns in other triad statues as well.

The head of this group is kept in the Koninklijke Musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis in Brussels, while the body is kept in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

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