Ivory Statuette of Kheops


This small ivory statue, found in 1903 by W.F.Petrie in Abydos is the only known statue that bears the titulary of Kheops.
The cartouche on the left-hand side of the throne, next to the king's leg, has been damaged and is not readable. The Horus Name on the right-hand side, can clearly be identified as belonging to Kheops.

Despite the fact that it is only 7.5 cm high,  the king's face has been rendered with great detail. Long, narrow eyes, a broad nose and mouth and a firm chin give it a serene and recognisable expression.

The king wears the Red Crown, associated with Lower Egypt. In his right hand, he is holding a flail, symbol of his royal power, while his left hand is resting on his left knee.

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