Section about Khasekhemwi updated

A new series of pages, dedicated to Horus-Seth Khasekhemwi, the last king of the 2nd Dynasty, has been uploaded.

With this upload, all known kings from Narmer …

High officials during the 1st Dynasty

The already existing page about Merka, who lived during the reign of Qa’a, has been migrated to the new layout. A bit more information has been added to this …

The wives of Horus Djer

Three new pages have been added over the past few days, about the queens assumed to have been the wives of Horus Djer:

New and updated pages

The following pages have been added to the site:

The following topics have been migrated to the new layout

Old Kingdom kings migrated

With the statues and pyramid complex of Pepi II, all pages related to Old Kingdom kings have been upgraded to the new layout. Before proceeding with the following …

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