The name Benerib, “sweet of heart” appears behind the name of Horus Aha on several sources, hinting at a very close relationship. Although no known sources mention her titulary, she is assumed to have been a wife of Aha, yet not the mother of Aha’s successor, Horus Djer.

She is believed to have been buried in pit B14, as part of the tomb of Aha in Umm el-Qa’ab. If all burials in the tombs connected to Aha’s happened at the same time, this may indicate that Benerib was ritually put to death to be buried with her husband. It is also possible that she predeceased her husband and was laid to rest in what was to become part of Aha’s tomb.

Ivory box showing the names of Horus Aha (hieroglyphic group to the right) and Benerib (two hieroglyphs to the left).
Source: Wikipedia.

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