Musicals and Operas

3 Chains O' Gold - USA, 1994

Director: Parris Patton - Prince
Story: Prince
Cast: Prince (himself), Mayte (herself)

When the Egyptian princess Mayte's father is murdered by 7 men, she inherits 3 sacred chains of gold. Seeking help to find her father's murderers, she sends a tape of her dancing to the musical genius Prince. 

Aida - Italy, 1953

Director: Clemente Fracassi
Story: Carlo Castelli - Anna Gobi
Cast: Sophia Loren (Aida), Renata Tebaldi (Aida)

Movie adaptation of Verdi's famous opera "Aida". Of interest mostly because it is one of the first screen appearances of Sophia Loren.

Aida - Italy, 1981

Director: Brian Large 
Story: Antonio Ghislanzoni
Cast: Maria Chiara (Aida), Fiorenza Cossotto (Amneris)

Verdi's opera Aida for television.

Aida - Italy, 1985

Director: Derek Bailey
Story: Auguste Mariette Bey
Cast: Maria Chiara (Aida), Luciano Pavarotti (Radamès)

Another movie adaptation of Verdi's famous opera, starring the popular Italian Luciano Pavarotti. A must for opera-lovers.

Aida - USA, 1989

Director: Brian Large
Story: Antonio Ghislanzoni
Cast: Aprile Millo (Aida), Placido Domingo (Radamès)

Verdi's opera Aida for television, this time with Placido Domingo in one of the leading roles.

Aida - UK/Japan, 1994

Director: Brian Large
Story: Antonio Ghislanzoni
Cast: Cheryl Studer (Aida), Dennis O'Neill (Radamès)

Brian Large just cannot get enough of Verdi's opera Aida.

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