Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy - USA, 1955

Director: Charles Lamont
Story: Lee Loeb - John Grant
Cast: Bud Abbott (Peter Patterson), Lou Costello (Freddie Franklin), Michael Ansara (Charlie)

Abbott and Costello find a medallion that leads them to a crypt with a revived mummy in a very bad mood. Terror meets comedy as Abbott and Costello meet the Mummy.

Astérix & Obélix: Mission Cléopatra - France/Germany, 2002

Director: Alain Chabat
Story: René Goscinny, Albert Uderzo
Cast: Christian Clavier (Astérix), Gérard Depardieu (Obélix), Monica Bellucci (Cléopatra), Alain Chabat (Jules César)

Astérix and Obélix go to Egypt to help architect Numérobis who is building a palace for Cleopatra.

Carry on Cleo - UK, 1964

Director: Gerald Thomas
Story: Talbot Rothwell
Cast: Kenneth Williams (Julius Caesar), Sid James (Mark Antony), Amanda Barrie (Cleopatra)

Two Britons, a cowardly inventor and a fighter, are captured and taken as slaves to Rome. The coward is mistaken for the fighter and promoted to Julius Caesar's body guard. 

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