Khentkaus III Tomb found at Abusir

The Ministry of Antiquities in Egypt has announced the discovery of a tomb dated to the mid 5th Dynasty at Abusir that belonged to a hitherto unknown queen. The discovery was done during the excavation works of the Czech Institute of Egyptology, directed by Miroslav Barta.

23 limestone pots and 4 copper tools were found as part of the funerary equipment of the deceased queen, but even more interesting are the titulary and name of the tomb owner: King’s Wife and King’s Mother Khentkaus, the 3rd queen known to have held that name. 
The tomb, a traditional mastaba, was found as part of the funerary complex of
Neferefre, while a seal bearing the name of Niuserre may indicate that the queen was buried during the latter’s reign. This could indicate that she was the wife of the former and the mother of the latter, changing our current views that both kings were brothers and the sons of Neferirkare and Khentkaus II.
The mention in one of the below articles that she was the mother of Menkauhor, Niuserre’s successor, makes less sense, as the queen already bore the title King’s Mother at the time of her burial, during Niuserre’s reign. 
More sources and research will be essential in order to place this new queen in the royal family of the 5th Dynasty.

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