Women and Family

Changing Bodies, Changing Meanings. Studies on the human body in antiquity

Author: Montserrat, Dominic
Publisher: Routledge, 1998

A collection of papers about sexual life in antiquity.

Daughters of Isis: Women of Ancient Egypt

Author: Tyldesley, Joyce
Publisher: Penguin, 1995

This book paints the portrait of the Ancient Egyptian women, from commoner to queen and to female king: their make-up, clothing, food-preparation, family life, ...

Growing up in Ancient Egypt

Author: David, Rosalie
Publisher: Troll Assoc., 1993

This book examines daily life in ancient Egypt, discussing life in the city, life in the country, pets and toys, meals, and other aspects seen from the perspective of a youngster.

Kids in Ancient Egypt

Author: Wroble, Lisa
Publisher: Power Kids Press, 1998

Childhood and growing up in Pharaonic Egypt.

Mistress of the House, Mistress of Heaven: Women in Ancient Egypt

Author: Capel, Anne K. (ed.)
Publisher: Hudson Hills, 1997

Catalogue for an exhibition examining and highlighting the role of women in Ancient Egyptian society and religion.

The Remarkable Women of Ancient Egypt

Author: Lesko, Barbara S.
Publisher: BC Scribe Publications, 1996

From goddesses and queens to the mistress of the house, Egyptian women and their role in society are the topic of this remarkable book.

Sex and Society in Graeco-Roman Egypt

Author: Montserrat, Dominique
Publisher: Kegan Paul Intl, 2000

Dominic Monserrat's work is the first comprehensive study of sex in ancient Egypt. The book considers sex in its broadest sense, analysing not only the sexual practices of individuals but also the ways in which sexual activity was indivisibly woven into the fabric of social and communal life.

Sexual Life in Ancient Egypt

Author: Maniche, Lise
Publisher: Kegan Paul 1996

Every aspect of the sexual life of the Ancient Egyptians, including prostitution, adultery and love poems, is covered in this book.

Sexuality in Ancient Art. Near East, Egypt, Greece and Italy

Author: Boymel-Kampen, Nathalie
Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 1996

Sexuality and the human body in the art of the ancient cultures of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome.

Silent Images: Women in Pharaonic Egypt

Author: Hawass, Zahi
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams, 2000

The role of woman in the Ancient Egyptian religion, courts and daily lives, as seen by Zahi Hawass.

Women and Society in Greek and Roman Egypt: A Sourcebook

Author: Rowaldson, J. (ed.)
Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 1998

Royalty, religion, family, law, education and marriage from a female perspective in Graeco-Roman Egypt.

Women in Ancient Egypt

Author: Robins, Gay
Publisher: Harvard University Press, 1996

Robins looks at the art and written records of ancient Egypt to discern the position of women, what was expected of them and what was denied to them, what they could achieve, and what men thought of them.

Women in Hellenistic Egypt.

Author: Pomeroy, Sarah
Publisher: Wayne State University Press, 1990

Using evidence from a wide variety of sources including literature, papyri, inscriptions, coins, and terra-cotta figurines, Sarah Pomeroy discusses women ranging from queens such as Arsinoe II and Cleopatra VII to Jewish slaves working on a Greek estate.

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