Reference Books

A Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Egypt

Authors: David, Rosalie e.a.
Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press, 1996

Rosalie David provides an alphabetically sorted overview of Ancient Egypt's most notable people, who, in one way or another, have left their mark on its history.

Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt

Author: Bunson, Margaret
Publisher: Fact-on-File, 1991

First in the series of Historical Dictionaries of Ancient Civilizations and Historical Eras, this book deals with Ancient Egypt.

British Museum Dictionary of Ancient Egypt

Authors: Shaw, Ian - Nicholson, Paul
Publisher: London, 1995

From Abu Gurab to Zawiyet el-Aryan, this book is a mine of information on all the aspects of Ancient Egypt. More than six hundred cross-referenced and indexed entries provide clear explanations of the major events and personalities that shaped over 3000 years of civilisation in the Nile Valley.

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