Pyramids and Temples

Building the Great Pyramid

Author: Jackson, Kevin
Publisher: Firefly Books, 2003

Jackson examines how the Great Pyramid at Giza could have been built using primitive tools only. He also traces the history of the site from the Greek visitors to the archaeological expeditions.

The Complete Pyramids. Solving the Ancient Mysteries

Author: Lehner, Mark
Publisher: Thames and Hudson 1997

In the first fully illustrated compendium of every major pyramid of ancient Egypt, Egyptologist Mark Lehner surveys the history, building, and use of the pyramids in unprecedented detail.

The Complete Temples of Ancient Egypt

Author: Wilkinson, Richard H.
Publisher: Thames & Hudson, 2000

In this book from the series "The Complete…" Wilkinson provides an in-depth study of temples in Ancient Egypt, their evolution, decoration and purpose.

Egyptian Pyramids and Mastaba Tombs

Author: Watson, Philip
Publisher: Lubrecht and Cramer, 1999

The development of tombs from mastaba to pyramid in Ancient Egypt.

Egyptian Rock-cut Tombs

Author: Dodson, Aidan
Publisher: Shire Egyptology, 1999

This book examines the rock-cut tombs of Ancient Egypt, focussing on the tombs of Deir el-Medina and the tombs from the New Kingdom.

The Great Pyramid: An Interactive Book

Authors: Cooper, Roscoe - Croll, Carolyn
Publisher: Troll Assoc., 1998
Reading Level: ages 4 to 8

Discover the mysterious world of ancient Egypt as you turn pages to reveal pop-ups of each stage of construction, and pull tabs to unfoil the secrets of the architect.

The Great Pyramid (Great Buildings)

Author: Martell, H.M.
Publisher: Raintree, 1998
Reading Level: ages 4 to 8

An in-depth review of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

The Great Pyramids of Giza

Author: D'Hooghe, A. - Bruwier, M.C.
Publisher: Vilo, 2000

The Pyramid Builders of Ancient Egypt: A Modern Investigation of Pharaoh's Workforce

Author: David, Rosalie
Publisher: Routledge, 1996

Who were the men and women that participated in the building of the Pyramids? This is the question that Rosalie David tries to answer, based on the most recent finds and archaeological discoveries.

The Pyramids of Ancient Egypt

Author: Hawass, Zahi
Publisher: Carnegie Museum of Natural History, 1990

The Pyramids from the Old Kingdom are the subject of this book by Zahi Hawass.

The Pyramids of Egypt

Author: Edwards, I.E.S.
Publisher: Penguin, 1992 

The history of Pyramid Building in Ancient Egypt, by one of the most authoritative experts on the subject.


Author: Macaulay, David
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin, 1975
Reading Level: ages 9 to 12

Text and black-and-white illustrations follow the step-by-step process of the building of an ancient Egyptian pyramid.


Author: McCall, Henrietta
Publisher: Franklin Watts, 1999
Reading Level: ages 9 to 12

Nicely formatted and age appropriate, "Pyramid" focuses on the construction and uses of pyramids.

The Secrets of the Sphinx. Restoration Past and Present

Author: Hawass, Z. - Ali Gaballa, G., e.a.
Publisher: American University in Cairo Press, 1998

The history of the great Sphinx at Giza, up until its most recent restoration.

Temples of Ancient Egypt

Authors: Arnold, Dieter e.a. (ed)
Publisher: Cornell Univ. Press, 1997

The temple in Ancient Egypt was more than just a place of prayer and worship for the gods. It represented the entire cosmos and its creation. Dieter Arnold presents a fascinating study of the different types of temples, their evolution and their function.

Temples of the Last Pharaohs

Author: Arnold, Dieter
Publisher: Oxford University Press, 1999

The Greek-Roman Period saw a renewed activity in temple-building and decoration. Dieter Arnold provides an overview of these last temples.

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