Ancient Egyptian Magic: Spells, Incantations, Potions, Stories and Rituals

Author: Brier, Bob
Publisher: William Morrow & Co Paper, 1981

Ancient Egypt was famed, even in its own time, for its powerful and dangerous magic. Bob Brier gives a detailed account of magical practices that were "current" in Ancient Egypt.

Magic and Mystery in Ancient Egypt

Author: Jacq, Christian
Publisher: Souvenir Press, 2000

Ancient Egyptian magic examined by Egyptologist and novelist Jacq.

Magic in Ancient Egypt

Author: Pinch, Geraldine
Publisher: University of Texas Press, 1995

A Cambridge University Egyptologist provides an examination of the magical techniques, practitioners, surviving magical texts, and objects used in magic in Egypt from roughly the early fourth millennium BC until the fifth century AD.

Symbol and Magic in Egyptian Art

Author: Wilkinson, Richard H.
Publisher: Thames and Hudson, 1999

This book goes beyond the representations found in the many temples and tombs of Ancient Egypt, in search of the symbolic and magic purpose they once served.

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