Ancient Egyptian. A linguistic introduction

Author: Loprieno, Antonio
Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 1995

The first account to include the insight of modern linguistics, this book covers the hieroglyphic system and its cursive varieties, as well as phonology, morphology and syntax.

Egyptian Grammar

Author: Gardiner, Alan H.
Publisher: Griffith Institute, Oxford, 1979

Class-book of Middle-Egyptian. Each chapter is a lesson dealing with one or more topics of the Egyptian language, ending with a vocabulary and an exercise. A concise dictionary, combined with a sign-list will help any student on the way.

Egyptian Hieroglyphic Grammar: With Vocabularies, Excercises, Chrestomathy

Author: Mercer, S.A.
Publisher: Ares Publications, 1980

Lots of exercises, an interesting sign-list and a good grammar, this book should not be missing on any student of Egyptology's desk.

Middle Egyptian: An Introduction to the Language and Culture of Hieroglyphs

Author: Allen, James P.
Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 2000

Written well and easy to follow, this book is an introduction to hieroglyphics for the serious student as well as the amateur.

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