General Art Books

Egyptian Art (Art and Ideas)

Author: Malek, Jaromir
Publisher: Phaidon Press Inc., 1999

Jaromir Malek, co-author of the "Atlas of Ancient Egypt", places Egyptian works of art in their ideological and historical context and looks at the influence of Egypt on modern-day art.

Egyptian Art in the Days of the Pharaohs

Author: Aldred, Cyril
Publisher: Thames & Hudson, 1985

This book provides a chronological overview of painting, sculpture and architecture in Ancient Egypt. Reprint Edition.

Gold of the Pharaohs

Author: Muller, Hans Wolfgang
Publisher: Cornell University Press, 1999

Muller analyses the craftsmanship of the Ancient Egyptians in working with gold.

Proportion and Style in Ancient Egyptian Art

Author: Robins, Gay
Publisher: University Press of Texas, 1994

This book examines some aspects of Ancient Egyptian Art, throughout its long history. It sketches the evolution in style and shape as well as the techniques that were used.

Reading Egyptian Art: A Hieroglyphic Guide to Ancient Egyptian Painting and Sculpture

Author: Wilkinson, Richard H.
Publisher: Thames & Hudson, 1994

The legacy of Egyptian art, from colossal statues to finely wrought jewellery and minuscule charms, can appear deceptively simple. Without knowledge of the hieroglyphic images incorporated in the art, much remains obscure. This guide offers a comprehensive explanation of the symbols, their origins, identification and uses. 358 illustrations.

The Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt

Authors: Stevenson Smith, William e.a.
Publisher: Yale University Press, 1999

A close-up study of the typical art and architecture of Ancient Egypt.

The Art of Ancient Egypt

Author: Robins, Gay
Publisher: Harvard University Press, 1997

In this beautifully illustrated book Gay Robins explores the objects of Egyptian art, from its first flowering in the Early Dynastic Period to its final resurgence in the Greek-Roman Period.

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