Animal Life

The Animal World of the Pharaohs

Author: Houlihan, Patrick F.
Publisher: Thames & Hudson, 1997

In this lavishly illustrated book, Houlihan examines the relationship between people and animals in ancient Egypt, and identifies the animals most commonly represented in art and hieroglyphs.

The Birds of Ancient Egypt

Author: Houlihan, Patrick F.
Publisher: Aris & Philips 1987

The rich world of the bird wildlife in Egypt is examined in this magnificent hardcover by Patrick Houlihan. Ancient reliefs and statues are compared to the birds of our time.

The Birds of Egypt

Author: Goodman, Steven M. e.a.
Publisher: Oxford University Press, 1989

The bird wildlife in Egypt from Predynastic times on is examined in this book, setting the subject in a historical context.

The Cat in Ancient Egypt

Author: Langton, B.
Publisher: Kegan Paul International, 2000

A detailed visual record of art and artefacts related with the worship of the cat in Ancient Egypt.

The Cat in Ancient Egypt

Author: Malek, Jaromir
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1997

Especially from the 22nd Dynasty on, when a Dynasty ruled from the city of the cat-goddess Bastet, cats played a very important part in the Egyptian religious life. Jaromir Malek explains the status of the cat in Ancient Egypt.

Classical Cats. The Rise and Fall of the Sacred Cat

Author: Engels, Donald
Publisher: Routledge, 2000

Ancient Egypt has often been associated with the cult of sacred cats. This book examines the status of the cat throughout the ancient world.

Mammals of Ancient Egypt

Author: Osborn, Dale J.
Publisher: Aris & Philips Ltd, 1998

In this paperback, Dale J. Osborn examines the relationship between the human and animal inhabitants of the Nile Valley.

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