Reconstruction of the seal impression linking Horus Djet’s estate Wadj-Her with Iri-aawi’s name.
Source: Kaplony, Inschriften der ägyptischen Frühzeit III, Tafel 47, abb. 176.

Iri-aawi was an administrator of the estate Wadj-Her founded by Horus Djet during the 1st Dynasty. The meaning “The one who is related to the two doors” or perhaps “Guardian of the two doors” is unclear. The two doors may refer to the entrance of Buto, or perhaps to the entrances to the Earth and the Underworld.

He only appears to be mentioned in one seal impression that links him to Djet’s estate. The fact that the same estate was also administered by the much better attested Sewadjka, may perhaps point to an early demise for Iri-aawi.

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