Seal impression mentioning Amka and the domain Her-sekhenti-dju.

Seal impression mentioning Amka and the domain Her-sekhenti-dju.
Source: Kaplony, Inschriften der ägyptischen Frühzeit, Band III, Tafel 8, abb. 22.

Amka was a high official who lived during the 1st Dynasty. He is attested in several seal impressions found in Abu Rawash, Saqqara and Abydos.
His career spanned three reigns, starting during the reign of the Horus Djer and ending in the beginning of the reign of the Horus Den, during the regency of queen Merneith.

Throughout his long career, Amka served in one capacity or another on some royal domains. During the reign of Djer, he was already in charge of the important domain called Her-sekhenti-dju. During the reign of Den, when Amka’s tasks shifted, or perhaps when he had passed away, the responsibility over this domain was given to Hemaka.
He also held the titles
nbi and Heri-Nekhenu, but the actual meaning of these titles is not known.

His career does not appear to have advanced during the reign of the Horus Djet

In addition to his previous responsibilities, he also became a mortuary priest during the regency of Merneith. He ended his career as an administrator of a region located in the western Delta. He thus appears to have advanced though the ranks of hierarchy from managing specific royal domains to a position in the regional administration of Lower Egypt, an area where most of the royal domains are believed to have been located.

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