Hordjedef Teachings


Start of the teachings made by the heriditary prince, the son of the king, Hordjedef, for his son whom he has raised, named Awetibre. He says:

  1. Correct yourself in front of your own eyes, beware that another man must correct you.
    When you are established and you wish to found a household, take yourself a loving wife who will bear you a son.
  2. When you build the house for your Ba, a place is made where you will be.
    Make your house in the necropolis excellent , and make your seat in the West splendid, because death (gives) us little benefit whereas life (gives) us high benefit and the house of death belongs to the living ones.
  3. Find yourself some land that is inundated according to the writings, to plough, to catch fish and birds and to snare and prevent that when a year of need occurs, he will eat (all) what he has produced.
  4. Appoint an administrator and a Ka-priest for the tomb so that he will pour water for you, as for a man with a beneficial testament.
    Choose a field from your estate that is inundated every year, for this will be even more beneficial than your own son, who you have advanced as your heir … people.
  5. Remember what is said: “Behold, there is no heir who remembers eternally”. … for your needs, given for your provisions, Choose yourself … your Ba to god.
  6. It is the place of everyone who is there
    Death … 
    When one goes astray …

    When the death of a man comes near him on the day of his transgression, the summation of what he has done yesterday (is made).
    He will be buried as one who is despised in the necropolis,
    the lock of hair (of mourning) is turned into something vile.
    his rest will be a punishment of the god,
    his wrong-doings will be made clear
    And the misery 
  7. Choose a bearer of offerings (?) from the people and inspire (him) with fear for you … so that he may bring you offerings, like for Re, pure ones instead of having to eat fish and the impurities of the offering tables.
    Get yourself (?) … giving them your day. 
    Your heart shall be pleased with them, (to their) contentment and there shall be none who shall speak against you, saying "Evil of the god, Oh!"

The remainder of the text is too fragmentary to be translated.

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