Pyramid Complex of Teti



Teti, the first king of the 6th Dynasty, chose to build his pyramid and adjourning complex to the northeast of the pyramid of Userkaf, and at the southern end of the Archaic Tombs located at Saqqara-North.
In choosing this location, Teti may have deliberately opted to build his pyramid along the diagonal formed by the pyramids of Sekhemkhet, Unas, Netjerikhet and Userkaf (from southwest to northeast), thereby confirming his allegiance to Egypt’s past.
The original name of this funerary complex was
Dd-s.wt, “Remaining of Places”.


Interactive map of Teti’s funerary complex. Click or tap the little circles to learn more.
Source: Lehner, Complete Pyramids, p. 157.

The complex consists of the usual elements: a main pyramid entered through an entrance chapel in the north, with a mortuary temple with a smaller satellite pyramid to the east. A causeway ran east to a Valley Temple, which has not (yet) been found. At least two of Teti’s queens were buried in their own Queen's Pyramid.

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