Pyramid Complex of Pepi II



Pepi II, the last king of the 6th Dynasty of any importance, moved again to the southern most point of Saqqara and built his funerary monument at some 120 metres away from the mastaba-shaped tomb of 4th Dynasty king  Shepseskaf.
It is the southernmost real pyramid at Saqqara, quite some distance to the south of the pyramid complex of Pepi I. It is not known why Pepi II choose to have his funerary monument built further down south and so far away from his (grand?)father’s.
The name Pepi II chose for his funerary complex was mn anx, “Enduring and Living”.


Interactive map of Pepi II’s funerary complex at Saqqara. Click or tap the little circles to learn more.
Source: Lehner, Complete Pyramids, p. 161.

The pyramid complex of Pepi II consisted of all the elements that had become standard by the end of the 6th Dynasty: a main pyramid, a mortuary temple and a satellite pyramid to the east of it and a causeway leading to a valley temple.

Three Queen's Pyramids, with their own mortuary temples were found to the south and northwest of the King's complex. Remains of the Valley Temple have been found as well.

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