Biography of Merenre II


Pepi II is followed in the king-lists by Merenre II, sometimes also called Nemtimsaf II. If the name of Nemtimsaf II was indeed Merenre, this would make him indistinguishable from Merenre I, so it is generally believed that the name Merenre has been given to Nemtimsaf II by mistake.

Merenre II is mainly known through king-lists, among which the Turin King-list, that credits him with a reign of slightly more than 1 year. He is assumed to have been a son of Pepi II.

According to some sources, his successor was his wife, an otherwise unattested queen named Nitocris, who, ignoring queen-regents such as Meretneith and Ankhenespepi I, would then have been the first woman to have ruled on her own in Egypt.

More recently, however, it has been suggested that Nitocris was the misreading of the name of a male king, Netqerti Siptah, who, in the Abydos Kinglist, follows Merenre II.

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