Biography of Shepseskare


Little to nothing is known about Shepseskare, except that he may have ruled between Neferirkare and Neferefre, or between Neferefre and Niuserre. It is sometimes assumed that he may have been a son of Sahure, who was sidelined when his father died and his uncle, Neferirkare, came to the throne. He may then have tried his luck again either when Neferirkare or Neferefre died. There is, however, little evidence to support this affiliation.

According to the Turin King-list, he ruled for 7 years. There do not appear to be any documents that refer to cattle counts.
Some seal impressions dated to his reign have been found at Abusir, and these are about the only witnesses of Shepseskare's reign, suggesting a very brief reign. The fact that some of these seal impressions were found in the earliest stage of Neferefre's funerary monument, may be an indication that Shepseskare was Neferefre's successor rather than his predecessor.

It is not known whether he built a pyramid or a solar-temple, although the unfinished pyramid located at Abusir between the pyramid of Sahure and the Solar Temple of Userkaf, has, by some, been credited to him. If this is correct, then the unfinished state of the pyramid confirms that Shepseskare's reign lasted a couple of months at best, and perhaps even a mere couple of weeks.

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