Titulary of Neferirkare

Neferirkare is the first king known to have had 5 names in his titulary. The fifth part of the title was based on the king's name of birth.

Horus Name [?]

  1. Hr wsr xaw
    Horus, strong of apparition

Nebti Name [?]

  1. nb.tj wsr xa.w
    The Two Ladies, strong of apparition
  2. xa m nb.tj
    The one who appears with the Two Ladies

Golden Falcon Name [?]

  1. sxm.w nbw(.w)
    The golden powers

Prenomen [?]

  1. nfr ir kA ra
  2. nfr ir kA ra

Nomen [?]

  1. kAkAi


  • Africanus: Nephercherês
  • Eusebius: Eusebius does not mention this king.

Alternative names in modern-day literature

  • Kakai, Nefer-it-ka-re, Neferirkara, Nefer-ir-ka-ra

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