Triad of Wenet, Hathor and Mykerinos

Triad of Wenet, Hathor and Mykerinos.

Source: 114 Gods of Ancient Egypt.

This triad statue is rather unique compared to the other triad statues that were found in Mykerinos' Valley Temple at Giza. Where the other triads always have the king as the central figure, this triad features Hathor, sitting on a throne, hinting, perhaps, at a higher importance of a different function for this particular statue.

The king is standing to the left of the goddess, represented with the White Crown of Upper Egypt and wearing a short kilt. Contrary to tradition, he is not shown striding as his left foot is positioned only slightly more forward than the right foot.

The provincial goddess Wenet is shown to the right of Hathor. She represents the province of Hermopolis in Middle Egypt.

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