Alabaster head of Mykerinos

Front view of Mykerinos' Alabaster head.
Source: Schulz-Seidel e.a., Egypte. Het land van de farao's, p. 42.

A lovely head in Egyptian alabaster (calcite) of a statue of Mykerinos was found in Mykerinos' Valley Temple at Giza, among the remains several other statues, four of which were inscribed with Mykerinos' titulary.

The king's face is fresh and round, the eyes clearly marked. The nose is gentle and the mouth has a pronounced lower lip. He wears a false beard. The uraeus is carved onto the wig of this statue, with only its head protruding.
This head is quite exceptional in that the king is represented a wig instead of a crown or the royal nemes headdress, but does add to the intimacy it seems to reflect.

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