Pyramid at Zawyet el-Aryan


Based on stylistic criteria, a pyramid built at Zawyet el-Aryan must be dated to the 4th Dynasty. There are some hieratic inscriptions that appear to mention the name of a king, but the name has been read in a variety of ways: Nebka, Wehemka, Steh-ka or Baka. If the latter reading is correct, then this might be a confirmation of the existence of Bakare, a king mentioned in some kinglists and assumed to have been the immediate successor of Khefren.

The pyramid itself was intended to measure about 200 by 200 metres. Had it been finished, it would risen almost as high as Khefren's pyramid in Giza. 

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Source: Lehner, Complete Pyramids, p. 139.

nlike the pyramids of Khefren and Kheops, the burial chamber of this pyramid was constructed in a pit that was dug some 21 metres deep in the ground. This building technique is strongly reminiscent of the pyramid of Djedefre at Abu Rawash.

The pyramid was surrounded by an enclosure wall measuring 665 by 420 metres.

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