Serdab Statue

A beautifully preserved limestone statue of Netjerikhet was found in the Serdab of his funerary complex at Saqqara. Measuring 1m42 in height, this statue represents the king regally seated on a throne with a high backrest, wearing the typical cloak of the Heb Sed. Indeed, the king was believed to continue the Heb Sed jubilees after his death, which would ensure him of an eternal life.

The king's left hand is open and resting palm down on his left leg. His right arm is held across his chest, with the hand closed. An archaic nemes head cloth partially covers a heavy wig. The black paint on this wig and on the false beard is still visible, as is the brown paint on parts of his face. The eyes were once inlaid with glass. The nose is somewhat damaged and traces of a black painted moustache are still present.

The inscription on the front of the base of the statue identifies the king as: The King of Upper and Lower Egypt, (the one of) the Two Ladies, Netjerikhet.

The serdab statue of Netjerikhet and a photo of its original location.

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