The Serdab Court is located to the North of the Step Pyramid, between the Northern Temple and the House of the North.
In the South of this court a small but very well-preserved building, the so-called Serdab, was found to contain a statue of Horus Netjerikhet. The small chapel was dressed entirely in fine limestone and its front wall inclined by 16°, the same inclination as the lowest step of the Pyramid, against which it was built.

The Serdab was built against the north of the Step Pyramid.

The position of the Serdab is notable in that it was aligned with the private apartments underneath the pyramid.

Two holes in the front of the Serdab were meant to allow the statue of the king to see the abundant offerings that were brought before him, or to see the circumpolar stars to which it was believed that Netjerikhet would be joined after his death.

A small enclosure was erected in front of the Serdab building, with two entrances. As with the entrance to the Northern temple, the main entrance, located in the North of the enclosure, is indicated by a stone imitation of an open wooden door.

The statue of Netjerikhet found inside the serbad.

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