Abydos Dynasty (1640-1620)

The collapse of the 13th Dynasty after the Hyksos invasion of Memphis, left a power vacuum in Middle and South Egypt, which was quickly filled by two local dynasties.

The northernmost dynasty resided at Abydos or Thinis. Its territory does not appear to have stretched beyond the borders of the Thinite nome. Almost nothing is known about this Abydos Dynasty. The Turin king-list only gives fragments of names of kings that could be placed in this dynasty, but none appear to have been attested by any other sources.

Three names of kings that are attested by contemporary local sources, however, do not appear in the Turin King-list  Wepwawetemsaf, Pantjeni and Snaaib, but this can be due to the highly fragmentary nature of the list at this place.
The 2014 discovery of a royal tomb belonging to a previously unknown king Senebkay at Abydos is one of the few traces of the Abydos Dynasty that has been found.

Nothing can be said about the chronology of the dynasty, except that it does not seem to have lasted for very long. Some 20 years after the start of the Hyksos invasion, the Hyksos succeeded in overthrowing the rulers of Abydos.

The southernmost dynasty resided in Thebes and is known as the 16th Dynasty.

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