7th/8th Dynasty (2150-2130)


The 7th/8th Dynasty groups together kings that followed after the decline of the 6th Dynasty and the Old Kingdom. They are known mainly through some king-lists or Manetho. A few kings are attested by some rare contemporary sources and they seem to have ruled from Memphis. It is only credited with 20 years, which would mean that its kings either ruled for an average of about a year, or that several of its kings ruled from several locations at the same time. It is also possible that some of the kings that are not attested through archaeological sources were the result of errors in the compilation of the king-lists.

Below is a list of kings grouped in the 7th/8th Dynasty. The order in which they appear does not necessarily denote their order of succession. For most kings, only the titulary is given, as little more than that has been found about them.

  • Neterikare
  • Menkare
  • Neferkare (II)
  • Neferkare (III)
  • Djedkare II
  • Neferkare (IV)
  • Merenhor
  • Neferkamin I
  • Nikare
  • Neferkare V
  • Neferkahor
  • Neferkare VI
  • Neferkamin II
  • Ibi I
  • Neferkaure
  • Neferkauhor
  • Neferirkare (II)

The following kings have also been attested, but even less is known about them:

  • Wadj-ka-re
  • Sekhem-ka-re
  • Iti
  • Imhotep
  • Isu
  • Iytenu
  • Hotep ///
  • Khui

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