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The site statistics provided by the service that hosts The Ancient Egypt Site have revealed that some pages are hardly visited, some even almost not at all.

These pages required a lot of effort to keep up-to-date and thus I have decided to remove them from the new version:

  • The Egyptological Addressbook
  • The Middle Egyptian Grammar pages (the introduction into hieroglyphs has been maintained)
  • The Signlist
  • Some pages in the Bibliography section have been merged into one page
  • Some pages in the Links section have been merged into one page

Several dead links to external websites have been removed, resulting in fewer websites in the Links section.

Google Ads will no longer appear on the site, as they not only tended to slow down loading but quite often resulted in some mismatches between the site's topic and the topic of the ads.

Similarly, the banner links to Amazon have also been removed. Links to specific books on can still be find in the Bibliography section.

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