Technicial Issues, Linking And Copyrights

Q: I am experiencing some technical problems.

A: I have listed some technical issues regarding the use of this site in the Technical Information.

Q: Can I put a link to your site on mine?

A: Yes, you can. Please be sure to link to this site's primary address and to list this site using the name The Ancient Egypt Site.

Q: Can you put a link to my site on yours?

A: You can send me your site's address (URL) and title by clicking here. If you wish, you can also include a category where you feel your site should go. Please note that your site needs to be related to the topic of Ancient Egypt. I reserve the right not to publish the link or to place it under a different category.

Q: Can I use the material on your site for my own project?

A: If your project is non-commercial, then yes, you can, but, of course, there are some rules:

  • A reference to my site is required. This reference should include my site's name and URL as follows: The Ancient Egypt Site <>.
  • If you need a bibliography-type reference, then this should be: Jacques Kinnaer, The Ancient Egypt Site, The Internet <>, 1997 ff.
  • Pictures where the caption mentions a source are not my own. You may want to consider copying the reference to the source as well.
  • If your project is commercial, I would like you to contact me.

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