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Q: Can you put a link to my site on yours?

A: You can send me your site's address (URL) and title by clicking here. If you wish, you can also include a category where you feel your site should go. Please note that the topic of your site should be related to Ancient Egypt. I reserve the right not to publish the link or to place it under a different category.

Q: Can I recommend a specific book that deals with Ancient Egypt to you?

A: You can suggest a book, but please include the book's author, title, subtitle, publisher and year of publication. You may also add a category you feel this book belongs to. The book you suggest should deal with Ancient Egypt.

Q: Is this site available in other languages?

A: There is a translation of this site in Czech made, with my permission, by Martin Dolezal. His design is roughly based on one of the previous versions of The Ancient Egypt Site. Other than that, I am not aware of any other translations of this site.

If you need additional information on Ancient Egypt, or if some of the content of this site is not clear, you can send me a mail and I will be glad to help you.
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Please do not change the subject-title that is automatically set. I receive a lot of spam these days and I delete everything without having a closer look that comes from people I do not know if the subject line is not one that I have set via this site.

If you send me a mail, please be clear and specific when formulating your question. I usually reply to your requests, but please bear in mind that you will very likely not be the only one trying to contact me and that replying may take some time.
Rude or agressive mails will, however, be trashed and will not get the courtesy of a reply.

If there is a deadline on the information you need, please let me know and allow me sufficient time to reply.

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