Non-Egyptological Questions

To make a long answer short, The Ancient Egypt Site provides scientifically validated or at least justifiable information about Ancient Egypt. If your interests lie with new age theories, then this site is not what you are looking for. Examples of such theories are:

  • The pyramids have mysterious powers
  • The pyramids are older than the Egyptologists want us to believe
  • The Sphinx at Giza is older than Egyptologists want us to believe
  • The pyramids were built by the people from Atlantis
  • The pyramids were built by aliens
  • All ancient Egyptians were Negroid <> All ancient Egyptians were Caucasians
  • There are images of UFOs and/or futuristic technology in the Egyptian temples and tombs
  • The gods of Ancient Egypt exist and there is still an active cult for them

Other theories that are not discussed on this site are about the extent of realism there is in the stories of the Old Testament or myths.

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